PC-Scope USB Loop-Back Adapter Plug

Price: $149.00


PC-Scope USB loopback plugs are the quickest, most effective way to verify that a PC's USB ports are working correctly. The Red, Green and Yellow LED's on the front of this USB adapter plug provide a quick visual indication of I/O activity and if the USB bus is powered. This will dramatically improve the troubleshooting and diagnostic ability of computer technicians and system integrators, who have previously been working blind.

These USB test plugs will transfer 5000 packages and works with USB 1.1 and 2.0 controllers.

Up to 10 of these USB test plugs can be simultaneously connected to a PC providing that free USB ports are available on the PC or on a down stream hub and sufficient power is available.

These PC-Scope USB loop-back plugs are unique! They are the only true USB loop-back adapters on the market that are especially designed for use with our PC-Scope Professional Diagnostics Software package. They do not require an external power supply and do not require a connection to any other port on a PC. Each plug also has its own serial number stored in EPROM, on the plug, so it is possible to identify each plug when multiple plugs are connected.

More Hightlights:

  • Quickly check if a USB port is powered
  • Check that data can be sent and received from the port
  • Check USB errors rates and power
  • Measure the level of recovered data
  • Verify that the system remains stable under long periods of load
  • Test that USB support in Windows has been correctly installed
  • Test self powered USB hubs and PC ports function correctly
  • Check USB cabling
  • Concurrently check multiple USB ports at the same time.
  • Benchmark your PC's USB ports & hubs.