PC-Scope Professional Diagnostic Software

Price: $399.00 (PC Scope Software / Serial Loop Back Plugs / CD-ROM & DVD-ROM Test CD)

Price: $549.00 (PC Scope Software / USB Loop Back / Serial Loop Back Plugs / CD-ROM & DVD-ROM Test CD)


New Feature! Simultanous Test - Test all RAM modules, 1 hard drive and up to 32 CPUs/cores at the same time to really stress the computer system.

Universal Application!
Due to the fact that PC-Scope Professional uses its own operating system, it does not matter which operating system is installed on your PC. PC-Scope Professional Diagnostics boots up the PC on its own and tests the hardware independent from the PC's operating system.

Processor Test

Works with Intel i3, i5, i7, AMD Phenom and Phenom II.

CPU Stress Tests for up to 32 CPUs/cores simutaneously and view CPU core temperatures.

CPU core (registers, stack manipulation, addressin modes, integer arithmetics, BCD operations, bitwise operations, flow control, string operations, processor I/O, exceptions), FPU (load and store, instruction set, round and chop, exceptions), MMX unit, 3DNow! and SSE unit (data transfer, packed arithmetic, packed comparison, data conversion, logical operations, shift operations), L2 and L3 cache.

Board and BIOS information (manufacturer, BIOS date, chipset), PCI device table, details and tests (bus scan direct, Bios: device search, 16-Bit function, 32-Bit-function), Plug and Play, Interrupts, DMA and CMOS RAM/real time clock tests (read, write, battery status, checksum, diagnosis status, clock-ticking, alarm).

Hardware monitoring
System temperature, fan speed, voltage (as far as supported by the motherboard)

Quick test, complete test, CPU-Cache-Test (random pattern, chessboard pattern, Windows mode, complementary bits, left-and right-walking bits, large complements, distributed accesses). Display of possible memory regions, SPD-Eeprom reader

USB host controller, specifications, manufacturers, designation and status. USB devices overview and details, controller test. Serial ports, parallel ports, matching test plugs are optional. (Internal loop-back test, handshake test, send-/receive test, controller test, status-port-test).

USB Test Plugs

Optimal USB interface tests with the PC-Scope USB plug! The correctness of data transfers, including any possible USB hubs and cables in between, will be tested. Indicators in the program/test report and diodes on the connector shows correct function. Current supply, sent and received data are indicated directly over LEDs.

Graphics Tests
(Test image, grid, primary colors, gray levels, colors, video memory test, VGA split screen).

Tests for floppy disc drives (read test, write test (non destructive), mechanics test, sector viewer), tests for hard drive (read test, write test (non destructive), mechanics test, sector viewer, controller test), CD-ROM, DVD, ZIP, LS 120, USB drive.

Input devices
Tests for keyboard and mouse.

Continuous Testing!
Lots of errors only appear sporadically, PCs crash in irregular intervals, the consequence: long hours of searching for errors and exchanging components. With PC-Scope Professional you can test each single component with especially programmed stress tests. You determine how long or how often the components need to be tested. Up to 999 times or up to 999 hours. A variety of test designs are preprogrammed, but all the tests can be chosen individually.

New Feature! Simultanous Test - Test all RAM, 1 hard drive and up to 32 CPUs/cores at the same time to really stress the computer system.

Result Reports!
If so desired, PC-Scope Professional will print a test report after completion of testing. You can also have the results saved in memory. Test results create trust with the customer and will help you save time. It is proven that you will have fewer returns or reclamations. PC-Scope Professional offers three different designs.

Configure individually!
Choose your test and file them. This way you will always have an appropriate test design on hand.

More Highlights:

  • Now PC-Scope Professional comes on USB stick (includes bootable CD-image).
  • Electronic Diagnostic Software Users Manual
  • FREE UNLIMITED Technical Support from the manufacturer.
  • Regular up-dates; Minimum of six (6) times per year for only $149.00 per year!
  • Includes 3 Bi-Directional Loop Back Plugs for port tests, CD-ROM Test CD, and DVD Test CD.