Computer Diagnostic Kits

If you need computer diagnostic software, count on ProTech Diagnostics to provide you with complete diagnostics solutions. Whether you need to troubleshoot malfunctioning hardware or want to use pc diagnostic software as a routine process for inventorying and testing incoming computers, you’ll find that ProTech Diagnostics features reliable, easy-to-use tools. These tools are easy enough for do-it-yourself computer users to use, yet filled with features appreciated and needed by professional computer repair technicians. ProTech Diagnostics offers computer diagnostics kits and tools designed for making the jobs of computer technicians as easy as possible. Spend less time swapping hardware in an attempt to diagnose the problem and more time on satisfying your customers. Armed with PC diagnostics, you can quickly determine which component has failed and immediately get to work repairing it.

PC Scope Basic Diagnostic Kit

Price: $599.00


PC Scope Deluxe Diagnostic Kit

Price: $699.00


PC Scope Professional Diagnostic Kit

Price: $799.00


PC Scope Expert Diagnostic Kit

Price: $1,199.00


PC Scope Academic Technology Training Kitt

Price: $1,499.00


Using PC diagnostic tools makes your business more efficient, too. Simply run the computer hardware diagnostics tests on one computer and let the software do the work for you while you attend to other matters. While the software runs its diagnostic tests, you can spend your time building new computer systems for customers, repairing computers that have already been diagnosed, or working on expanding your business. You can even run the software overnight, returning the next morning to a complete report detailing the system. Diagnostic tools offered include diagnostic PCI POST cards, USB loopback plugs, hard disk monitoring tools, diagnostic kits, and PC-Scope products for wiping drives, diagnosing hardware and software problems, and inventorying computer systems. Whether you’re an individual who wants greater control over your at-home computer repairs or a computer repair technician who wants to work more efficiently, ProTech Diagnostic’s computer diagnostic software positions you for success.