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Computer Diagnostics

Make your pc diagnostics job easier by equipping yourself with computer diagnostic software. With the right software utilities, diagnosing computer problems is a simple matter of running the tests and evaluating the results. The best computer diagnostic software gives you insights into a computer's health and shows you exactly what's wrong.

Data Recovery Solutions

RAID data recovery is a complex process often performed in a lab. ProTech Diagnostics offers the best computer data recovery software for data recovery from hard disks and RAID assemblies. Equipped with ProTech Diagnostic's file recovery software, computer technicians can recover deleted and erased files, photos, images, and other data types.

IT Training Videos

ProTech Diagnostics equips pc technicians with the skills they need on the job by offering online CompTIA A+ computer repair training videos and other IT certification training courses. Choose self-paced IT certification courses and learn at your convenience by watching training videos. Each online IT training course features certified instructors and 12 month access.